The House on Fortune Street - Margot Livesey I found the description in the book jacket to be somewhat misleading. Abby and Dara's relationship didn't feel like the major focus to me, and I certainly didn't notice anything about luck in the themes. Describing this book to others, I have said that it's about a young woman's suicide told from four different points of view. I found that structure -- the four different stories woven together into one -- to be very interesting, and it allows the reader to piece together Dara's psyche bit by bit. That being said, I do wish Livesey had spent just a little more time with Dara; I would have liked to have read more about the decision to commit suicide from her point of view. Similarly, I almost wish that her narrative had come after Abby's. Ending on Abby's point of view was just a little too jarring for me. Otherwise, brilliant.