The End of the Affair - Graham Greene I am a bad Master of Arts in English, because I have not read or appreciated nearly enough classics for someone with my degree. I bought this for a quarter as a library sale a couple years ago and promptly forgot about it. I also rescued a kitten a couple months ago and she's charmingly my feline equal - she squeaks, bites too much, and likes to climb in my bookcases. One bookcase-climbing adventure resulted in Graham Greene falling to the floor and as I had nothing else to read, I gave it a go. I am very glad I did.

This is the thoughtful, reflective tale of Maurice Bendix, who hires a private detective to follow a woman with whom he had an affair two years earlier. A chance encounter with Sarah's husband - formerly a vague friend - leads Maurice to wonder whether or not Sarah has embarked on a new affair with someone else. In his mind, though, it's as though Sarah is cheating on him. As he recounts how their affair came to a close, Maurice oscillates between missing Sarah, loving her, and hating her. It's a fascinating study of the fine line between the two emotions, and Greene will occasionally drop in a sentence or two that will be a punch in the gut to anyone who has struggled with the kind broken heart that you can't quite shake. Keep your favorite writing utensil handy for this one, kids. You'll want it to stick with you.