Cat Sense: How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet - John W.S. Bradshaw I play mama to the classiest cat there is:

She's also kind of a beast, forever reminding me that she's more important then the boyfriend:

Still, I love her to pieces and fret that she's gonna call child services on me when I have to leave her overnight. My hope was that learning a little kitty psychology will help soothe my guilt and get her to stop biting my butt. This book didn't give me as much straightforward information as I'd hoped.

Bradshaw spent a lot of time exploring the evolutionary history of the domestic cat -- most of which I honestly skimmed. He then offered some insight into how cats learn to socialize -- most of which I could have told you when I was nine, having grown up with a steady stream of feral cats hanging around the back yard. A lot of heavy scientific discussion to explain that cats aren't likely to be friendly unless they've been around people from a very early age.

I had hoped that maybe the book could be applied a little more directly to my cat's quirky behaviors, but I was rather disappointed.