The Hours - Michael Cunningham I am not really a fan of Mrs. Dalloway. I can understand its value as literature -- that Virginia Woolf showed that even the mundane events in a person's life are worthy of being turned into literature -- but I've never been able to get into it. I saw the movie The Hours several years ago, before I had read the original novel or Dalloway, and didn't care for it much. I picked up Cunningham's book, for a class on the adaptation of literature to film, expecting to feel the same way. And indeed, that bias prevented me from enjoying it at first. But as I looked into it more, in preparation for class, I actually began to appreciate it more. It's still never going to be my favorite book, but Cunningham did a fantastic job paying homage to the essence of Mrs. Dalloway. His structure, characters, and prose actually made me appreciate Virginia Woolf just a little bit more.