Fathermucker - Greg Olear I feel bad, because I really wanted to like this book but I think I was ultimately just the wrong audience. Olear tells a day in the life of stay-at-home dad Josh, whose wife Stacy is out of town on business. One of the women in his kids' playgroup suggests that Stacy might be having an affair, and would-be screenwriter Josh spends his day hashing out the possibilities while wrangling two difficult preschoolers and anticipating his wife's return. Olear's witty narration is mostly charming - sometimes his harangues about psuedo-hippie uber-moms and teenybopper television got to be a bit much for me, but that's why I'm saying: wrong audience. If Jonathan Tropper or Matthew Norman were a little more Yo Gabba Gabba inclined, the result would be father-mucker. It's not bad, just not for me.