The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Emily M. Danforth Thirteen year-old Cameron Post is somewhat nervously discovering her sexuality the summer that both her parents are killed in a car accident. As she’s struggling to understand her grief, she can’t quite shake the notion that she has been orphaned as punishment for kissing a girl – and liking it. Cameron falls under the guardianship of her born-again aunt Ruth who, upon discovering Cameron’s “sinful” sexual identity, packs the girl off to be reformed at a school called God’s Promise.

This book is beautifully written. Cameron’s narrative voice is so clear, and she manages to sound genuinely like a bright teenager. Emily Danforth strikes an excellent balance between self-awareness and confusion, insight and insecurity. And the descriptions of the Montana settings are just lovely. I also appreciate that while Danforth is addressing a lesbian character, the book does not read as a YA Issues Novel. That is, Cameron’s lesbianism is woven into the narrative with some degree of subtlety and Cameron’s conflict is presented without an overt Message Teens Must Learn. I look forward to Ms. Danforth's future work.