The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt: A Novel in Pictures - Caroline Preston A very interesting concept: a novel told in the form of a scrapbook, complete with 1920s era memorabilia. Frankie Pratt is a young woman from small-town New England who wins a scholarship to Vassar then moves to New York and, later, Paris to follow her dream of becoming a writer and finding love.

The book itself was beautiful, with pictures and various souvenirs from the 20s set against Frankie's typewritten commentary. The story, though, was a little lacking. It's understandable that there wouldn't be the kind of narrative depth found in a traditional novel, but I was disappointed that Frankie spent several pages hashing out one scene then covered three years of college in a single sentence. Furthermore, I felt like the emphasis on finding love at the end of the book contradicted the nature of Frankie's character, who was so interested in suffrage and being a starving artist. Very pretty book that was great for a single-sitting read, but ultimately didn't resonate as much as I'd have liked.