Blue Monday - Nicci French I have never read Nicci French before, but I saw a review for this somewhere and thought it might be worth checking out when it popped up in the new releases at my library. It's a thriller that centers around an insomniac therapist who inherits a new client from another doctor and discovers similarities between the patient's dreams and a recent child abduction case.

I had to chuck this book after I reached the 100 pages required for me to count it towards my yearly goal. The authors (really a husband and wife team) seemed to know how to build tension only by having characters make vague statements regarding things about which they have full knowledge but do not wish to share with the reader just yet. That's a cheap, frustrating way of attempting to create suspense that completely kills any notion of suspense in me as a reader.

Supposedly, according to other reviewers, the book gets better as you delve deeper into the story. However, there wasn't enough of a hook at the begining for me to care if it got better or not.