The Song is You - Arthur Phillips I read the gorgeously written prologue at the bookstore, and was convinced that it was well worth the $10.05 I'd pay with my employee discount. Boy, was I wrong.

I have to say, skimming through the reviews that I'm a little bit surprised by the comments. Am I the only one who didn't enjoy the prose in this book? I found the vast majority of Phillips' sentences to be poorly constructed. Half of them ended in a place so far removed from the beginning of the sentence that I had to read them twice in order to make sense of them. Dear Mr. Phillips: enough with the commas.

The end result is Julian, a completely uninteresting character with no emotional depth -- it was impossible to empathize with him in any way. Phillips attempts to use music to make the emotional connections, in a way reminiscent of High Fidelity, and it was hard not to picture John Cusack as Julian. However, the emotional connections that Phillips and Julian have with the music simply do not find their way off the page. I barely sludged my way through fifty pages of this atrocity before deciding I couldn't handle him anymore.