Me and You - Niccolò Ammaniti, Kylee Doust Three and a half stars, really. A short-and-bittersweet novella from an Italian author I clearly need to investigate more fully, Me and You tells the story of Lorenzo, a fourteen-year-old social outcast. He doesn't have any friends at school -- but he also kind of doesn't care. His mother cares, though, so to get her off his back, Lorenzo lies about an invitation to a ski trip with several classmates. While his peers are hitting the slops, Lorenzo is hiding out in the basement of his family's apartment building. But then, his older half-sister shows up in need of help.

There's really not a lot of meat to this story and if Ammaniti had been able to flesh out an entire 300-page novel, I'd probably be raving. Olivia needed some developing and some more tension needed to be built, but I loved Ammaniti's direct, sparse style. Lorenzo is an interesting character, a young man who just wants to be left alone, and it would have been interesting to see more interaction with his troubled sister. The reader's exposure to Olivia is too brief to really embrace her as a fully developed character. It would have been nice is Ammaniti has more carefully explored her history, her role in Lorenzo's life - or lack thereof - and how the three days they share in this story shapes him.

Still, there's promise here and I hope to check out more of Ammaniti's work.