Meant to Be - Lauren Morrill Julia is a Type-A, bookish lady who is actually looking forward to the museums on her class trip to London. Jason is the goofball dude who just wants to go to the parties. The two couldn't be more different, which is why Julia is disappointed when Jason is appointed her official class buddy for the duration of the trip. He drags her to a party where she gets just drunk enough that she can't put a face to the guy who's engaging her in flirtatious texting so Jason agrees to help her out.

There are a lot of young adult novels that are great for people over the age of 22, but unfortunately this wasn't one of them. The writing is just fine -- Morrill has a great voice for teen fiction -- but the plot is pretty tired and Morrill doesn't really do anything new or unique with it. You know from the opening page that Julia and Jason are going to end up together and everything in between is pretty stereotypical teen rom-com fare. I might have enjoyed it a little bit more if the lead characters hadn't been so archetypal and, frankly, kind of irritating. Julia is the typical "too good for high school hijinks" girl who looks down on all her classmates and can't wait to get to college so she can be around people who love to learn as much as she does. Jason is the same immature, insensitive guy you see turn a new leaf in every teen movie. They often tread dangerously close to caricatures and it's fairly cliche that they end up together but not maddeningly so. I could recommend this to a thirteen-year-old Jessica, but it doesn't hold up as well for me today.