How I Got Him To Marry Me: 50 True Stories - Cherise Kelley I saw this on NetGalley and couldn't resist the urge to comment on how appalling and gross the entire concept is. Marriage is an awesome thing and it's important to many people. Happiness, though, shouldn't come from "convincing" someone to marry you if that's not something they want or are ready for. You don't "get" someone to marry you; you marry someone because you agree that it's something you both want and it makes both of you happy.

The entire idea of this book relies on stereotypes of women as wedding frenzied and men as commitmentphobes. It also implies that a woman can't be happy or successful unless she's married, and that's just flat out insulting. This is 2013. I'm all for good love stories and I am in no way against marriage. I'm happily in a relationship and I'd like to be married one day; it's just not central to my happiness.

I'm not rating this, not even marking it as read. I was just so incensed that I created a special shelf so I could let my feminist claws out a little. That's all.