Office Girl - Joe Meno, Cody Hudson, Todd Baxter I am not the right audience for this book.

It's about an early twenties artist lady who makes bad romantic decision after bad romantic decision, then meets Jack, an early twenties artist fellow and they decide to be artistic together in their own way.

This summer, my boyfriend dragged me to a super-hipster concert at a hipster-favored bar. It was his birthday, it was a free show, and he'd been looking forward to it for a while so I was a good sport. I stood there and did my best to pretend I was enjoying it. I mean, I hated it but I wanted him to have a good time so I wasn't going to tell him I hated it. Afterward, a friend asked me about the venue and my response was, "There was just so much ironic crochet." That's all I could think of while I was reading this book: ironic crochet.

Odile, the main character with the impish name, is like the most extreme form of human being parodied by Parks and Rec's April Ludgate: On the outside, at least, she hates everything except the things that she loves ironically. I just don't get people like that at all. I mean, I am all for being unique and liking what you like and marching to the beat of whichever drum you want, but seriously: what is the point of being so bitter while you're doing it?

When Odile goes to an art show opening:
It’s her friend Liz’s opening, and all of the art looks like it’s been done by deranged teenage boys, like it’s part of some gigantic game of Dungeons and Dragons, or else it’s been inspired by anime or video games; it’s full of weird purple tentacles and vaginas with teeth, and all of it is lacking any kind of originality, none of it does anything for her, and so she drinks.
That's how I felt reading this book. I wanted to drink, even on the bus at 7 AM. Alternatively, I debated writing a review about how this book is just bout the color of various objects. Twice on the first page Meno referred to Odile's "gray skirt." The first chapter alone refers to her green bicycle, green scarf, pink mittens, pink underwear. What is that?

If you like stuff like photos of topless Storm Troopers, you might like this book. I could barely make it through. I shoulda known by the hip, ironic san serif font.