Love with a Chance of Drowning - Torre DeRoche My friend Katie once told me that I should write a blog about all of the awful experiences I had during my two-year tenure as a single lady on the prowl. My friend Katie is constantly telling people they should start a blog for all sorts of reasons, so that doesn’t really mean a whole lot.

But then my friend Ted told me that I should write a book about all of the awful experiences I had during my two-year tenure as a single lady on the prowl. I told him that there wasn’t enough of a hook, nothing that would make the book stand out as something unique, something that anyone would want to read. It would just be a collection of bad first date stories and awkward sexual encounters followed by stories of me crying over beer and spaghetti.

“But I’d read it,” Ted told me. “And it would be funny as hell.”
You guys don’t know Ted, but trust me when I say that is quite the compliment coming from him.

So apparently I’m a modestly funny lady with a lot of bad first date stories that my friends find amusing. And though I could be wrong, I ultimately don’t think anyone else would really jump at the opportunity to read about my adventures with Douche Canoe, Square Peg, or the Jewish Mummer. But as I travailed through these men (which sounds way sluttier than I intended it to), I’ve often found myself drawn to memoirs written by other funny ladies with a lot of bad first date stories.

That’s ultimately what led me to request this book from NetGalley, though it’s not ultimately what this book ended up being about.

It’s about Torre, a twentysomething Australian who decides to move to San Francisco for a year basically just to prove to herself that she’s adventurous enough to do so. She meets an Argentinian man in a bar one night, the two hit it off, and the next thing she knows, they are sailing across the Pacific Ocean together. All the way across the world’s largest ocean. Just the two of them. In a 32-foot sailboat. For several months.

The title and the cover of this book will probably make those who decry “chick lit” wince and turn away. If you’re one of those folks, I would needle you to give this book a second look. Yeah, it’s about Torre’s relationship with Ivan, but it’s more about learning to embrace her sense of adventure, overcoming her fears, and all that good finding yourself kind of stuff. Torre’s got a great blog out there and she’s an engaging writer. She’s very insightful, honest, and just a little self-deprecating. It’s the book that Elizabeth Gilbert should have written, so if you – like me – enjoy a good “finding yourself” memoir but found yourself disappointed by the self-indulgent rubbish that was Eat, Pray, Love, give this one a shot.