Honeymoon in Paris - Jojo Moyes This was on NetGalley, just a quick novella meant to serve as a prequel to Moyes' forthcoming The Girl You Left Behind. It tells the stories of two unhappy newlyweds in Paris eighty years apart. In 2002, Olivia is upset that her new husband leaves her alone on their honeymoon to take a work meeting. In 1912, Sophie worries that her painter husband Edouard might return to his habit of sleeping with his models.

This is a perfectly fine, quick little read. Moyes is a good writer and connects the two threads together with ease. Ultimately, though, there's nothing very original about the story she tells and I imagine that it will fade from my memory pretty quickly. I will be curious to see exactly how the prequel fits into plot of the new novel -- I don't looooove Moyes' other novels the way many others do, but I thought they were fine and have every intention of reading the new one.

As the marketing copy for The Girl You Left Behind tells us that Sophie's husband goes off to fight in WWI and Olivia's husband dies, I have a sneaking suspicion that this is just to get us invested in the characters to make the book feel extra sad, but we'll see. Maybe I'm just being too cynical.