The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton After her beloved grandmother Nell's death, Cassandra learns that Nell wasn't who she thought she was. It turns out that Nell had been raised by a couple who found her on the dock after she had been abandoned on the boat that had carried her from England to Australia at the age of four. Nell had attempted to research her own heritage, but the sudden appearance of Cassandra in her life prevented her from putting all the pieces together. Cassandra takes it upon herself to solve the mystery for her grandmother once and for all. The story weaves back and forth between three generations -- Cassandra in 2005, Nell in 1975, and the two women who are the key to the puzzle in the early years of the twentieth century.

The beginning of this book was a little bit trite, but once Morton established where she wanted to go, the story became much more solid. Morton did a very good job of revealing clues without giving away the big picture too soon, and I eventually found myself enthralled with the story.