Letters from Skye - Jessica Brockmole A poet living on the British Isle of Skye receives a fan letter from an American student and the two strike up a correspondence and deep friendship. Twenty years later, Elspeth's daughter Margaret is determined to go against her mother's wishes and pursue a wartime romance with an RAF pilot. Then Elspeth disappears and Margaret must piece together clues from her correspondence.

This book is meant to appeal to fans of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society -- a romantic novel-in-letters set in the British Isles during wartime-- but it just pales in comparison.

I suspect this might have been better if it had been written as a traditional novel with letters woven in instead of a straight epistolary novel. The way that the exposition was provided in the letters was awkward and kind of inauthentic to me. I felt as though the author couldn't figure out how to let the reader in on what was going on without including it in the letter, and honestly, people don't detail events in letters to people who were also present for the event.

There's a lot of things that happen for no apparent rhyme or reason, and I think that this problem would have been remedied by a traditional narrative -- I didn't get why Elspeth and Davey fell for each other. There just wasn't enough in their letters for me to believe their love story or want to learn more about it.