Attempting Normal - Marc Maron I recently went to see Marc read from this book at the 6th and I synagogue in DC. He told a story about how he turned one chapter into his editor and all the red marks that came back left him feeling a little defeated. So he stopped communicating with the editor until the book was done. He was supposed to have 60 thousand words by a specific date, but on that date he turned in 90 thousand words and told the editor, "Do your job."

I like this man.

My friend Katie turned me on to Marc's WTF podcast a couple years ago and I've basically been hooked ever since. He's neurotic and self-absorbed, but a fascinating interviewer and incredibly funny. This collection of essays reads kind of like a poor man's Sedaris, but I mean that in the best possible way. He's self-effacing and honest and a surprisingly good writer.

I imagine that this book will honestly only appeal to people who already consider themselves fans. After hearing him read selections aloud, I kind of wished I had purchased the audio book just because his delivery serves his jokes so well and so I wonder if the wry sense of humor wouldn't resonate with readers who are less familiar with Marc's work.