The Time Between - Karen White I read the first ten pages of this on my disaster commute, and I've already made this face:


It has such good reviews I feel I have to keep going but why is the husband not taking care of Eve? Why is everybody being so mean to the main character? Why are these people already pissing me off so much?

It's possible I was just bitter because I was the only one on the extra crowded Green Line willing to give up my seat for the pregnant lady and I can't read while standing up -- precious reading time, gone! Still, this skeptical hippo is a little skeptical.

ETA: Nope, I'm giving up. I got twenty-five pages in and said to myself, "I bet I know where this is going." So I read the last five pages and it turns out I knew where it was going. I think Karen White writes very nice prose and I understand why it's so popular, I just found the actual plot kind of cliche. Not for me, moving on.